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Special Offers

Special Offers

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Count Easy Multi-CountMini Thermal Printer

Count Easy Multi-Count

All the features as the above counters and with pre-sets for non cash items to be included in the count (Cheques & Card payments Vouchers etc). With 29 raised keys for data entry, Multi-Count has the ability to store up to 50 cash drawer totals and user/till Ids. Also allows automatic direct data transfer to PC using optional SmartWedge interface. With a non Volatile memory and 12 hour rechargeable battery life, stored data can be safely kept in the event of a power failure.

Mini thermal printer option for full audit trial for each cash drawer and user ID
Price together was £690.00
Now Only £499.00 and get a free Mini Count Friction note counter worth £125.95 FREE

Speedcount 6E

The ‘Speedcount 6E’

Was £495.00
Now Only £395.00 with FREE 402 Coin Scales worth £75.00

The ‘Speedcount 6E’ Notecounter Top Loading Counter with 600 / 1200 pcs per min counting speeds and adjustable UV & optional Magnetic Ink and Size Detectors Complete with Remote LED Display for customer or secure office use

Basic +UV
Basic +Size, UV & MG weight 6. 5kg

De La Rue 2650

De La Rue 2650

RRP £1995.00
Now Only £1,295.00 with FREE 402 Coin Scales worth £75.00 and a Forged Note Detector worth £29.75

The De La Rue 2650 series Value Balance / Piece Counter, with Size, & UV Detectors, and 4 Counting Speeds 600-1500 notes per minute and the ability to count mixed notes for value count and it can handle just about all qualities of notes. Complete with RS232 port for downloading data to PC & printer.

CC 216

CC 216 Coin Sorter and Counter

Was £185.00
Now Only £165.00 with FREE Forged Note Detector worth £29.95

A low cost automatic coin sorter & counting machine for lower volumes of UK Sterling coin. (Also available for Euro Coins)
Ideal for Schools, Churches, Pubs & Clubs, Charity Shops & Small Vending Operations and anyone who wants to save lots of time counting loose coinage.
Mains operated with LED showing the Total Value counted and reports for each denomination and able to pre-set Batch Counting for Floats, Bags and Banking.

Display LED: 7 Digits Display
Counting Speed: 216 Coins Pr. Minute
Counting device: CCD Sensor
Power source: mains 240V
Dimension: 355(D)mm -330(W)mm 266(H)mm
Net Weight: 3.5Kg

Euro-Plus Multi Currency Detector

Euro-Plus Multi Currency Detector

£150.00 now with Mini Count Friction note counter worth £99.95 FREE

Euro-Plus Multi Currency Detector for English Sterling and Euro Notes, checks many hidden features within the note and will give a single ‘beep’and a Green light for genuine notes or a red light and a ‘multi-beep’ if a counterfeit note is passed through it.. Powered by mains or rechargeable battery supplied.


Euro Detector BST20

Was £49.95 now only £29.95

Euro Detector BST20 for Euro notes only, simply insert the note face up and the unit will give a single ‘beep’and a Green light for genuine notes or a red light and a ‘multi-beep’ if a counterfeit note is passed through it. Will also indicate if the genuine notes are 5-20 Euro or 50-500 Euro notes. Mains operation only.

Eurette BCW

Eurette BCW Six Screen Converter

was £49.95 now only £29.95

The Eurette BCW Six Screen Converter will show all parts of a transaction in dual currencies at the same time on each of the 6 LED panels. Able to enter and add items in either currency, showing total of all goods added together, enter cash tendered and also shows the change to give back in both currencies. Thus allowing you to accept either or both currencies in the same transaction. Full calculator function key pad and able to enter your own exchange rates, for either buying or selling in any second currency.
Battery operated and complete with remote customer display.

Eurette Twin Screen Converter

Eurette Twin Screen Converter

Was £3.95 now buy one get one free

Eurette Twin Screen Converter, able to set own exchange rate and shows both conversion values in each screen, at the same time. Credit Card size and complete with protective case.