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Counterfeit & Forgery Detectors

Counterfeit and forgery crimes have become a huge problem in the 21st century. Even with the actions of Law enforcement agencies and some private companies like Motley Fool (a commercial website about money management), these crimes continue to grow at alarming rates. Because of this phenomenon, many counterfeit and forgery detectors like the ones listed below have been developed to solve and oppose these crimes."



(Please call for quantity discounts)

Check a Note is in use in tens of thousands of outlets around the UK and Europe and is now well established in many national and international retail outlets, along with the smaller corner shops and pubs etc.
It’s easy and simple to use, is quick and reliable and will reduce the incidence of forged notes being taken in your cash tills. And when used as a note holder, also ensures the correct change is given.
Simply swipe the note through the unit and a genuine note is left with a very feint yellow mark, while a suspect note is left with a dark, almost black line across it. The result is immediate.
Anglo-Tech Services can look after all your requirements with a personal visit or we can supply by mail order.
Check a Note is effective on over 200 paper currencies including English, Scottish, Irish Euro and US $

Click Here to visit the Check A Note web site

MS320 106

***MULTI-SCAN 320/106 Series Currency Detector***
Suitable for GBP, Euro, US $ (inc super $100), Canadian & HK Dollars, Yen and many other currency options

The built-in rechargeable battery and the compact size make this Multi-Scan unithighly suitable for Desktop or Mobile use. With Pre-Loaded Currency Detection, it tests all Six in the one unit. The display shows the value of each note it checks. Additional New Currency software can be uploaded to the device using the built-in PC interface. The Multi-Scan 320/106 is 100% reliable in detecting all known counterfeits, including the “Super $100 “ and also verifying all Genuine Banknotes, as carried out and tested by the European National Bank. LCD Displays Denomination, Total Value and Piece Count. Mains or with internal NiMH Battery making it very portable for use anywhere. Weighs only 800gms.

Multi-Scan 135

MULTI-SCAN 135 Series

Suitable for Euro, English & Scottish pounds plus other currency options.

Testing the authenticity of both Euro and British pound notes can now be performed automatically. The Multi-Scan 135 works quickly and easily. The device is equipped with 4-fold detection feature and provides certainty in less than a second and is 100% accurate with both Counterfeit and Genuine Banknotes, as tested by the Dutch National Bank. Unit shown with Optional Counter Top Stand.

Visual and Audible Alarm when a Forged note is detected, via magnetic ink, metal thread, IR and size detection. Automatic banknote verification. Easy banknote feed in any face or direction, and exits from front or rear. With add function and value counting by denomination. Unit can be loaded with any 2 Options of either:- British / Scottish Pound / Euro, CHF, HRK, DKK, RON, PLN Standard Pre-Loaded with English /Scottish or Euro / English (please state unit required) Size 221×132×85mm. Weight: 0,8kg. Power: 220V. 12 Month Warranty. CE and RoHS Certified. Optional Counter Stand and Note Upgrades also available. (Be aware unit verifies only New 2007 Bank of Scotland Note Issue.

Will not detect older Scottish Notes, but our Check a Note will check all old and new Scottish Notes)


NC1100 Series Multi-Currency Detectors / Counters

The ideal machines for Post Office, Bureaux, City Hotels, Restaurants and Casinos etc.

Standard unit will verify up to 5 currencies in the same machine and also count at speeds up to 300 notes per minute, with a log of each total note values, by currency and denomination.
NC 1200 series will verify up to 12 currencies and also able to read / record and print the serial numbers of Euro and US$ Notes only at this time.
NC1300 Series can be loaded with up to 16 Currencies but does not yet have the ability to red and print serial numbers.
All machines are available as portable or mains only. Can be linked to PC for on screen viewing, monitoring, interrogation and printing. All are also upgradeable via PC and USB. Please call for more detailed information and available currency list, which includes:- GBP, USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, CNY, TWD, ZAR, TRY, IRR, MXN, CRC, NIO, PEN, COP, SEK, PLN, DKK

Counterfeit detection penLarge yellow counterfeit detection pen

Original Detector Pens

Forgery Detector Pens – Original Slim Detector Pens (Black & Gold) and now Double capacity Slim Pens . Also High Capacity, Large, Square Yellow Pens .



Anti-Snatch Till Guards and Security Screen

Till ScreenTill Guard

Anti-Snatch Till Guards and Security Screens
– Plus made to measure units in extra tough, virtually unbreakable PETG material

Till ScreenHelps to protect the Cash Contents of your Till from the opportunist thief, by making it extremely difficult to access the contents from anywhere apart from behind the counter / till. Made from extremely tough, clear polyester material, the Till Guard can be fixed in a position that best suits the available space, without losing any of it’s effectiveness. We offer a range of sizes to suit most Cash Drawers / Registers, as we know that there is no such thing as a “standard drawer” and that “one size will not fit all”.
All types of Custom Made to order Display Unit work undertaken, including one off commissions. Please ask for quotation.


Counters & Scales


BK860 Series Price Computing Scale

The Brecknell 860 Price-Computing Scales that offer an unbeatable package for the independent retailer, designed to offer all the functions your business needs.
Euro compatibility – The Euro exch rate can be easily set, enabling unit and price to be displayed in local or Euro currency.
Stylish, Compact & Tough – The 860 is tough enough to withstand everyday professional use. Compact footprint and spacious weigh-plate in high quality stainless steel. Additional fittings available. In Store or Outdoors, mains or battery power, with up to 800 hours of continuous use, without the need to recharge or replace the batteries. .
20 pin-protected PLU’s as standard – including up to 10 ‘hot shot’ keys for favourites.
These may be used with a ‘quick-set’ feature for fast-selling items
Capacities – 6 kg x 1gm, 12 kg x 2gm & 15 kg x 5gm (1:6000d).
Displays – LCD . Stainless steel top plate Size – 220 mm x 300 mm. Base Size inc top plate 314w x 365d x 110h mm


B220 Piece Counting Scales

Do you and your staff dread Stock-Taking ?? Then save hours counting out small or large items, like pencils, pkts, cards, papers etc.
The B220 scale allows you to take a small sample weight of say 10 items, in or out of a box, then with a press of 2 buttons, allows you to put up to 30kg of the same item on and shows you a very accurate content qty of individual pieces. How simple is that? Available to Buy or Hire (7days min)


CS 600 Coin Sorter and Counter

It’s here at last, an affordable high-speed coin sorter and counter that will count and sort up to 600 coins per minute, while batch counting into bank bag quantities
of Sterling coins only. This compact machine represents a saving nearly £1500.00 from the nearest compatible counter/sorter, is much smaller and weighs only 4.6kg making it very portable.
Ideal for Schools, Churches, Pubs & Clubs, Charity shops & Vending businesses.
Mains operated with LED display shows the Total Value counted and reports for each denomination and can be pre-set for Batch Count for Bagging and Banking.
Guarantee covers ½ million coins counted over a 12 month period (i.e. 41,000 coins per month)
Optional warranty, covers 1 million coins counted over a12 month period (83,000 coins per month)
Counting Speed: approx 600 Coins Per.
Minute Hopper hold 750 – 1000 coins
Drawers hold approx 200 coins maximum
Hold 4 separate counts in internal memory
Counting device: CCD Sensor
Display type: 7 Digits Display
Power source: mains 240V
Dimension: 330mm x 250(H)mm
Net Weight: 4.6Kg

.Tellemate TY1000

Tellermate TD Cash Counting Scale

The ideal scales for fast, accurate counting of all your notes and coins. The TD series will make Till Counts, Floats, Spot Checks, Staff Changes and Banking so much quicker, it will very nearly become a pleasure, rather than a pain, especially after closing when all you want to do is go home. With pre-sets for both Sterling and Euro, TD+ can be easily updated for Scottish and any new issues of either notes or coins. Supplied with both std and free, larger coin scoop (worth £23) enabling you to count your total till in under 2 minutes.
Easy to use Pictorial Keys Easy to Read L.C.D Shows Grand Total Count plus line by line totals of Coins and Notes counted. Battery or Mains operated.12 months warranty.

Can also be linked to. Mains Powered Mini Thermal Printer for full line by line audit report of all denominations of till counts printer

Count Easy

Count Easy Retail
Now you can count all your Till contents of Notes and Coins in under 2 minutes.

Counts loose or Packed Notes, Loose / Bagged Rolls of Coins, in Flexi-Scoop supplied, or Till Inserts. Pre-sets for Note & Coin Denominations (£ & € & $ ) Speeds up Float Preparation & End of Day Counting / Banking. Easy to use Pictorial Keys Easy to Read L.C.D. Displays Qty, Value & Denomination as it is Counted + Grand Total Count of all Coins and Notes counted.
Automatically storing each count in the memory and auto scrolling to the next denomination, enables you to very quickly count your cash and get it stored safely away from Theft or Temptation. Mains / Rechargeable Battery (12hr). …………..
**Now with 5 year Warranty ** ( battery & charger 1year)
Can also be linked into Mini Thermal Printer, (shown below) for full Audit trail report of all denominations counted.

Mini Thermal Printer

Mini Printer

Measuring just 100 × 130 × 65mm and weighing 330gms this unit is very portable and light, Works of mains or rechargeable batteries and comes complete with a belt clip so it can be carried from till to till easily, with the CountEasy, allowing you to print off full audit report for each till counted, there and then.

Count Easy Multi-Count

Count Easy Multi-Count

All the features as the above counters and with pre-sets for non cash items to be included in the count (Cheques & Card payments Vouchers etc). With 29 raised keys for data entry, Multi-Count has the ability to store up to 50 cash drawer totals and user/till Ids. Also allows automatic direct data transfer to PC using optional SmartWedge interface. With a non Volatile memory and 12 hour rechargeable battery life, stored data can be safely kept in the event of a power failure. Mini thermal printer option for full audit trial for each cash drawer and user ID

SPC Century Pro Plus

SPC Union Century Pro Plus Note Counters with full Counterfiet Detection

Brand new range for 2011 with easy read LCD display and Features Counterfeit Detection via Ultra-Violet, Metal Thread, Infra Red, and Magnetic Ink. Density and Double / Chain Note detection. Size detection to detect higher / lower value notes. 3 speed settings 600, 1000 & 1600 notes per minute. Auto Add and Free choice batching. Manual or automatic start. Easy Read LCD displays Functions ‘On’ and error message when any suspect notes found. Please note, colour may vary Size 270w x 235d x 240h. Able to count easily 1 million notes per year.
These new High Spec, Banking Standard note counters represents exceptional value for money and is ideal for any Sterling, Euro or multi-currency operation and where excellent Forgery Detection is required.
Also available as a Multi-Currency Value Counter for GBP, USD and Euro

SPC 971/972

SPC 971/972 Note Counters with full Counterfiet Detection

Another 2 new models for 2010 The 972 Features Counterfeit Detection via Ultra-Violet. Density and Double / Chain Note detection. Size detection to detect higher / lower value notes. 3 speed settings 600, 1200 & 1500 notes per minute. Auto Add and Free choice batching. Manual or automatic start. Audible and LED error message when any suspect notes found. Easy read LED display, useful for CCTV security viewing. Note Capacity hopper 400 / stacker 250 notes. RJ11 remote display port Size 290 W – 235 D – 260 H mm Weight approx 6.5kg. . Fully Compliant with CE and new RoSH Regulations

SPC 971 as above but features Counterfeit Detection via Ultra-Violet, Infra Red, and Magnetic Ink. With pre-sets for GBP, Euro, US & HK Dollar, Yuan and Polymer notes.

SPC 200 Banknote Counter with Size Detection

The SPC 200 Features Variable / Adjustable UV Forgery Detection, Variable / Adjustable Size Detection, able spot a larger or smaller note. Auto or Manual start count, Variable batch Counting 1 – 999. Counts up to1000 notes per minute. wHopper Capacity 250 Notes. Stacker Capacity 250 Note Size range 110 × 50mm – 180 × 85mm. Suitable for all Currency Banknotes and most gift vouchers. Power Supply 220v / 50Hz. Power Consumption <80w
Unit Size 310 deep x 266 wide x 215mm high. Weight 7.9kg Optional remote Customer Display
Easy read LED display, useful for CCTV security viewing. Fully Compliant with CE and new RoSH Regulations

SPC Mini Count Basic

SPC Mini Count Basic

The New SPC Mini Count Basic Running off Mains, re-chargeable batteries, 12V Car or Van adaptor, this unit is extremely compact, with a footprint not much bigger than an A5 sheet of paper and weighing a touch over 3kg. It handles just about any quality of notes you care to put through it, Effortlessly and Accurately. With a size of only 6½ “deep x 9½” wide x 4½” high you could very nearly keep it in your pocket!! (The front note tray folds down in use & adds 3½” to the depth) Fully Compliant with CE and RoSH Regulations
The ideal machine for speeding up Banking, Batch Counting and Till Counts for any size business Counts all notes, in any currency .
Mini-Count Basic Order Now
Also available soon, Full UV, MG, MT & IR Forgery Detection Option.

De La Rue 2650

De La Rue 2650

The De La Rue 2650 series Value Balance / Piece Counter, with Size, & UV Detectors, and 4 Counting Speeds 600-1500 notes per minute and the ability to count mixed notes for value count and it can handle just about all qualities of notes. Complete with RS232 port for downloading data to PC & printer.

Coin Shaker

Coin Shaker

A very basic coin sorter, that you simply empty the mixed coins into the top tray and shake all the smaller coins through into their own denomination tray below.
8 trays in total, sort from the largest to smallest coin at the base.
A very simple but effective way to sort coins, ideal for the smaller retailer or vending operation. Available for Sterling or Euro Coins


402 Electronic Coin Counter / Scales

The 402 is a low cost electronic Coin Counter/Scales and ideal for fast, accurate counting of loose or bagged coins. Just select the denomination of coin from the keyboard & pour them into scoop for instant displayed, Value Count. Capacity 2kg x 1g divisions. Large LCD display with a 200 × 130mm plate. Also features a tare function Operates with 9v adaptor (supplied) or a 9v battery (not supplied) Auto switch off when not in use. Also ideal as Postal or Portion Scales
Scale size 211 × 211 × 55 Weight 460g


E520 Electronic Volume Coin Counter / Checker

The E520 electronic Coin Counter / Checker is a robust, fast & accurate volume counter for loose or bagged coins, including complete BIG BANK CLOTH BAGS of poly bagged coins
Select coin value, place on to plate for instant display of Value Count, press add and unit will show Running & Grand Totals + No of transactions, ensuring total till counted. Large LCD display with a 300mm x 200mm plate. Capacity 10kg Also features zero/tare function Operates with 9v adaptor (supplied) or 9v battery Auto switch off when not in use. Counts Sterling & Euro
Scale size 310 ×350×125mm Weight 3.6kg

Also Available – Heavy Duty 15kg and 30kg Coin Scales with the ability to count up to £5000 of £2.00 Coins Ideal for Vending machine operators and Amusement Arcades etc.


CS230 High Capacity Coin Sorter and Counter

A low cost, highly accurate and very effective 8 denomination rail coin sorter. Counts up to 600 coins per minute, and offsorts foreign / forged coins into smaller drawer. Comes complete with 1 years onsite warranty, This machine is available in either Sterling or Euro variants. 3000 coin load capacity. Clear LED display with memory functions and storage. Large capacity coin drawers and easy to set batch counting.
Bagging attachments, printer and table options available.

CoinCount 101

CoinCount 101

The CoinCount 101 is ideal for very fast, accurate coin counting, of up to 1800 coins per minute, with the ability to off-sort 8 different denominations and foreign coins. Simple to use with pre-selectable item batch stops for Banking or Floats, complete with attachments for bagging.
CoinCount 101 Size 370 × 170 × 225mm Weight 8.2kg

CC 216

CC 216 Coin Sorter and Counter

A low cost automatic coin sorter & counting machine for lower volumes of UK Sterling coin. (Also available for Euro Coins)
Ideal for Schools, Churches, Pubs & Clubs, Charity Shops & Small Vending Operations and anyone who wants to save lots of time counting loose coinage.
Mains operated with LED showing the Total Value counted and reports for each denomination and able to pre-set Batch Counting for Floats, Bags and Banking.

Display LED: 7 Digits Display
Counting Speed: 216 Coins Pr. Minute
Counting device: CCD Sensor
Power source: mains 240V
Dimension: 355(D)mm -330(W)mm 266(H)mm
Net Weight: 3.5Kg


Secure Under Counter Cash Safes

Change safeTill Safe

Keep your surplus Notes out of the Till and safely away from the temptation
of opportunist theft by Customers or Staff . Dual key operation ensures only
the correct people can remove the cassette and gain access the cash inside,
when it is in the safety of the back office. Fits securely under the
Counter, making it ideal to easily put all excess Notes, Cheques and PDQ
Receipts etc, straight in and out of sight.

(Various other models and options available)


Ultra Violet Lamps

The quick and easy way to verify Debit/Credit Cards, Giros, Banknotes, Cheques, Drivers Licence, ID Cards and Secure Papers etc.

Even with Chip and Pin, If your customer can't remember PIN no and you accept a signature, and get an authorisation code through your PDQ, if the card is skimmed, Forged or stolen, as the supplier of goods or services, it will be you loses out, not the card holder. They get their money back and the card provider takes the money straight from your account, with at least a £15 charge-back fee added for the privilege of doing so!!

It is never the Bank or the Customer that loses out, it is always the Supplier

UV 1982

UV 1982 +DR Document Reader

Twin 6wt UV tubes in the hood and 6wt white light in the base + magnetic ink reader.
Allows up to an A4 sheet to be passed right through the unit to scan and check for UV and Watermarks and also features a Magnetic Ink Detector.

MD 1982+

MD 1982 +

NEW The 1982 + Features Twin 6 w UV tubes above, with a high platform fitted. This enables larger volumes of notes to be counted while allowing the user to check for the UV security features, at the same time. As supplied to many Banks, Post Offices and Bureaux.
MD1982+ 270×140xh185mm

MD 1009

MD 1009

Ideal Unit for Post Offices. Easily spots Forged / Altered Giro and Inland Revenue Cheques
Features Short and Longwave Ultra-Violet Lamps 2 & 7 watt (254nm & 365nm), Audible and Visual Magnetic Ink Detector, 3 x Large Magnifier glass in hood, plus 12 x Magnifier lense, inset, to view Micro printing
White Light panel in the base to view watermarks
MD 1009 Size 195 wide x 133 deep x 124mm high Weighs 1kg with 12wt power consumption.

MD 328

MD 328

The MD328 is ideal for checking Debit/Credit Cards and Cheques. Lightweight and compact, the UV Marks that feature on plastic Payment Cards and Cheques, can easily be seen through the Magnifying lens in the hood. With a 4Wt UV Tube above & 4Wt White light below this can also be used for checking the watermarks in Banknotes and Secure Papers. Either lamp can be used independently or together.
MD328 Size 200×118×120mm

MD 1982

MD 1982

The MD 1982 is a very robust unit fitted with twin 6Wt UV tubes above, and a 6Wt daylight bulb below to enable checking of watermarks. The Twin UV Tubes make this a preferred option for Brightly Lit environments. Suitable for checking Banknotes and Security Papers/Documents.
MD1982 Size 270×140×140mm MD 1981 As above but with no White Light in base

MD 1668

MD 1668

MD 1668 has single 6w UV Tube and small footprint, suited where space is at a premium. MD1668 Size 248(w) x 90(d) x 80(h) mm

MD 1188

MD 1188

MD 1188 – similar in design to 1668, has single 4w UV Tube Size 192(w) x 80(d) x 85(h)

MD 1818

MD 1818

Battery Operated Torch with 4wt UV and white Spot light.


Coin Holders, Racks, Drawers, Note Cases, etc.

Coin Hopper

Coin Hopper

The latest specification coin holder that can accommodate more than £245 worth of coins. Coin Hopper conforms to all Bank of England coins and comes complete with a sliding translucent lid for security and ease of transport. Each Module Holds: 80×1p 70×2p 80×5p 70×10p 80×20p 70×50p 80×£1 50 × £2 H 100 x w 236 x d 152mm GB£
Also available as Slim Rack GB£ version (100mm deep)
Euro Coin Rack (no Cover)

Coin Scoops

Coin Scoops

These twin coin scoops come in two sizes and can be used either separately or joined together, complete with dual-purpose cover/bases. Size h x59mm (90mm inc lid/base) w x70 Sml / 105 Lrg. d x169 (175mm inc lid/base)

Mk 3 Coin Module

Mk 3 Coin Module

This highly flexible system allows you to custom-make a coin storage unit to your cashier’s own individual needs. Specific coin denominations are housed in individual colour-coded units that slot securely together to form any combination. 8 set module holds £147.00 of coins, complete with cover/bases * Each Module Holds: 50×1p 50×2p 80×5p 50×10p 35×20p 50×50p 25×£1 40 × £2 Size of each module: Height mm 59 / 90* Depth 169 / 175* Width 35mm ABS Plastic Interlocking Units. Available as a set of 8 Modules

Mk 4 Coin Module

Mk 4 Coin Module

A smaller, more compact version that offers all the same benefits yet with just four individual colour-coded units, each holding two different denominations of coin. Like the larger version, each unit fits securely into the next to form the combination that best suits your business. 4 set module holds £97.00 of coinsEach Module Holds: 50×1p 35× 2p Red 30 × 5p 50× 10p Pink 50 × 20p 20 × 50p Black 30 × £1 20 × £2 Blue
Size of each module: h 31 x w 44 x d 176mm

Note Case

Note Case

Available in a six compartment size, can be used either independently as counter top units, or combined with our Flexible Coin Holder or Coin Scoops in a cash drawer or cash box.Caters for all current bank notes and feature removable dividers that allow you to create increased capacity when necessary. Height 89mm Width 176 l depth 176mm (Also available as 4 Pocket 89 × 100 × 176)

Pension Docket Box

Pension Docket Box

Again, designed for use in Sub Post Offices, this box has been specially designed to accommodate pension allowance and benefit dockets. It features 18 separate compartments arranged in two rows of 9 that allow dockets to be sorted into preferred categories or values. Size 89h x 176 × 176

Pension Docket / Postal Order Box

Pension Docket /Postal Order Box

This unit has been specially designed for use in Sub Post Offices and is ideal for holding Pension Allowance Books or Postal Orders. It comes complete with 20 white plastic index cards that can be marked up by the cashier to form their own personal indexed system. Size 70h x 204w x 350d

One Touch Cash Drawer

The OneTouch Cash Drawer

The OneTouch Cash Drawer is competitively priced to meet a wide range of generic cash register requirements. Ideally suited for busy Lottery terminals or as a standby for busy periods. Manufactured with steel ball bearings and a new latching mechanism, and designed to meet the most hostile of retail or hospitality environments. Features a robust steel construction. All inserts are easily adjustable with 4 note compartments. 8 high capacity coin cups, 2 front posting slots and removable tray. Bolt down facility in baseboard. Opens by touch, closes normally. Lockable. Weighs 7.9kg/17/4lbs.Dimensions H100mm * W465mm*D410mm

Portable Steel Cash Box One

Portable Steel Cash Box One

This tough and versatile steel cash box has been especially designed to accommodate the Flexible Coin Module, Bank Note Cases and Coin Scoops. All boxes feature foam covered lids to keep the contents in place plus every steel cash box also comes fitted with security locks for extra safety.Size 100h x 365w x 340d Complete with inserts

Portable Steel Cash Box Two

Portable Steel Cash Box Two

This largest and most versatile of our steel cash boxes especially designed to accommodate any Coin Module, Bank Note Case or Coin Scoop. All boxes feature foam covered lids to keep the contents in place plus every steel cash box also comes fitted with security locks for extra safety Size 100h x 365w x 425d Complete with inserts

Plastic Cash Box SmallPlastic Cash Box Large

Plastic Cash Boxes (Small & Large)

These highly versatile plastic cash boxes with lockable covers, can hold a variety of combinations of Coin Modules, Bank Note Cases and Coin Scoops making them ideal for use in confined working spaces or when required to fit into smaller safes.

Small size 193w x 414d x 108h with Mk4 coin holder and sml note case

Large 375d x 414w x 108h with Mk3 coin holder, 2 x lrg note case and 2 coin scoops

Steel Cash Box / Stand

Steel Cash Box / Stand

Awarded a patent for its unique functions, this portable cash box not only keeps money secure in transit but also when used on a counter top. It features double side handles for easy carrying plus a double-hinged lid with a security ‘snap lock’. Especially designed for use with our Compact Coin Modules in any combination, it also boasts four removable note dividers as well as room underneath to store additional bagged cash.
The cleverly designed counter stand can be either bolted to the counter or screwed to an upright. The cash box is then locked securely in position on the stand by a spring-loaded catch that can only be released when the box is opened. This is a particularly useful and effective feature for reducing security risks when used in open-plan environments.
Size including handle and stand h 270 lid open, 202 lid closed x w 385 x d 203mm Steel box, ABS Plastic Inserts. Steel stand for bolting to desktop Complete cash box with inserts Optional Steel Stand (at additional cost)

Steel Counter Cash Drawer

Steel Counter Cash Drawer

Because security is of paramount importance in the retail and banking environment, our robust Counter Cash Drawer made from steel is a very popular choice. Featuring a slam lock and heavy-duty runners for smooth operation and impressive durability, this high spec unit is both tough and secure, finished with light grey acrylic paint. Carefully designed to fit neatly under any counter, it has pre-drilled casing and mounting brackets guaranteeing quick and easy installation. The drawer can be used with various combinations of Coin Modules, Bank Note Cases or Coin Scoops, or for even greater flexibility, it can house the Lrg or Sml Cash Boxes.
Size 130h x 450w x 530d closed, & 1028mm open.
Also available with complete Lrg Cash Box with Mk3 coin holder, 2 Lrg note cases and 2 coin scoops

Cash Transfer Scoop

Cash Transfer Scoop

Available in 3 sizes, the Cash Transfer Scoop meets the requirements for most transactions of banks, building societies and Post Offices. Because it is made from 4mm moulded plastic, it provides an inexpensive yet secure alternative to the more costly stainless steel scoops.

Each scoop is scratch-resistant and individually moulded to guarantee that it is perfectly flat and able to be fitted easily to the counter top. What’s more, when fitted with the appropriate under-counter shot box it not only meets current firearms specifications but also reduces the chance of a ricochet by absorbing the bullet or pellet impact.
CTS1 40d x 280w x 250l mm
CTS2 2 40 × 375 × 275
CTS3 50 × 482 × 420


Electronic Detectors


Euro-Plus Multi Currency Detector

Euro-Plus Multi Currency Detector for English Sterling and Euro Notes, checks many hidden features within the note and will give a single ‘beep’and a Green light for genuine notes or a red light and a ‘multi-beep’ if a counterfeit note is passed through it.. Powered by mains or rechargeable battery supplied.


Euro Detector BST20

Euro Detector BST20 for Euro notes only, simply insert the note face up and the unit will give a single ‘beep’and a Green light for genuine notes or a red light and a ‘multi-beep’ if a counterfeit note is passed through it. Will also indicate if the genuine notes are 5-20 Euro or 50-500 Euro notes. Mains operation only.


Euro Converters

Eurette BCW

Eurette BCW Six Screen Converter

The Eurette BCW Six Screen Converter will show all parts of a transaction in dual currencies at the same time on each of the 6 LED panels. Able to enter and add items in either currency, showing total of all goods added together, enter cash tendered and also shows the change to give back in both currencies. Thus allowing you to accept either or both currencies in the same transaction. Full calculator function key pad and able to enter your own exchange rates, for either buying or selling in any second currency.
Battery operated and complete with remote customer display.

Eurette Two Screen

Eurette Twin Screen Converter

Eurette Twin Screen Converter, able to set own exchange rate and shows both conversion values in each screen, at the same time. Credit Card size and complete with protective case.



Convex Security Mirror

Convex Security Mirror

Convex Security Mirror, keep an eye all around the store, with this high visibility mirror.
A simple & cost effective unit to deter shoplifting.
450mm diameter
Complete with adjustable mounting bracket.