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Check-a-note counterfeit detection systemThe appropriately named Check a Note does exactly what it says, very easily and very quickly. Simply stick it to the till or cash point with the adhesive pad supplied and it is always where it should be, On the the till and ready to use.

The Check a Note uses similar ink technology to the widely used Counterfeit Detector Pens, but unlike the pen, does not roll off the counter, does not go home in a pocket and has up to 3 times more ink fill than pens.

The Check a Note is proving very useful in stopping forged notes from going into the takings and being debited by the bank or cash collection companies.

Check a Note counterfeit detector is in use with a number of Major High Street Fast Food Restaurants, Retailers, Councils, Duty Free Shops and even the House Of Lords.


Check a Note can also utilise a different ink fill and be used for checking Gift Tokens and Credit Vouchers and other secure papers such as lottery, Theatre and Stadia Tickets, Bank, Bond and share certificates etc.

In fact any papers of value that require some form of security from counterfeit can usually be produced with a re-agent ink built into the paper and Check a Note can be filled with this ink and be used as a means of detecting or preventing forged papers from being taken or simply to cancel a gift voucher at the point of redemption. Most of these inks work by leaving a clear mark on genuine papers and by leaving a definite colour on forged papers. Please telephone +44 (01823) 663583 or e-mail for further information.

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