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Welcome to Anglo-Tech Services - the home of the counterfeit detector (for forged notes and forged bills and fake banknotes) and cash counting equipment (cash counters and money counters). All full range of counterfeit detection equipment and systems.

We supply a wide selection of currency products ranging from counterfeit detection to help detect forged banknotes, Credit cards etc, through to money counters, price computing scales, (cash counters and money counters). We also have access to a vast range of Manufacturers and Suppliers so, if you can't find a product in our range of counterfeit detection equipment or cash counting equipment to suit your needs or requirements, then please give us a call and let us find it for you.

Featuring our Check A Note counterfeit money detection equipment, our product range includes:

  • Banknote and coin counters - some with built in forgery detection

  • Testers for Debit / Credit Cards and cheques

  • Various UV Lamps

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Buyers Beware!

Non-EC compliant equipment is becoming increasingly available on the market.
You can be sure that only EC compliant equipment is available from Anglo-Tech.

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False information is being claimed on auction sites about the compliance and function of counterfeit detection equipment. Be sure you are buying from a reputable source!

£7 Million is going missing in counterfeit and forged Giros (Giro Cheques).
Contact Anglo-Tech for the best advice and products.

New £20 Note

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"Dear Check a Note

We were having quite a problem with forged notes at out 2 stores & so we
introduced the Check a Note machines. This had two effects. firstly it prevented
us from taking several forged £20s and £10s notes.
Secondly, because people know that we have this detection method in our stores,
they do not even try & pass us forged notes any longer.
We recommend any store to use Check a Note."

Mannings Supermarkets
Lancs, UK

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A huge range of counterfeit detection and forgery detection equipment


For all your Cash Counting of Notes and Coins. With complete Till counts in under 2 minutes, Spot Checking and Banking is made so much Easier and Quicker with less errors and, getting your cash safely away or Banked. GBP and Euro Currencies included plus some Machines now with 5 year warranty iincluded  FREEEasy Count

All of ourweigh scales are extremely accurate fast and easy to use.
We have basic notecounters with in built Ultra-Violet forgery detectors that should detect the vast majority of older counterfeit banknotes and forgeries.
But most of our higher grade, low  price, note counters have Superior UV, magnetic ink & Thread  and Infra Red forgery detection as well as Note Weigh ScaleImaging sensors for the highest levels of Forgery Detection in many Currencies.

Some of our bank note counters have magnetic ink and ultra violet forgery detectors and forged note detection equipment.

Also Available: Forgery Pens - Large Capacity, Original Detector Pens (Black & Gold) and now New Large, Square Yellow Pens adding image of pen.

Counterfeit detection penWe have electronic currency detectors for Euro and US Dollars to check various bills and their security features, like infra red IR Magnetic Ink MG and MI Ultra-Violet UV as these features are rarely found on fake bills.

We also have volume coincounters and coin sorters that enable coin counting speeds of up to 1800 coins per minute and feature batch count stops for Banking Bag quantities.

Check-a-noteOur check-a-note money detector is very easy to use and is extremely effective for checking all English Scottish Euro US Dollars and other banknotes from nearly 200 countries.

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Our Customers include High St Banks in the UK and Overseas, Post Offices, Councils, Colleges, Universities, Fast Food Chains, Major Multiples, Supermarkets, Pubs, Hotels, Theme Parks, Amusement Arcades, Corner Shops, Zoo’s and many other Retail Outlets of all types.
We also offer unbiased advice as to the products to best suit your requirements, not ours.